Positano, Italy…A Seaside Treasure

Positano, Italy...A Seaside Treasure

I chose Positano for my birthday because I wanted to be by the sea, shop for Italy’s best ceramics and take in the beauty of the nearby boats sailing to Capri, while drinking my cappuccino. Positano truly is a gem by the sea, dark sand beaches filled with beach glass and broken pottery and pale skinned bodies from all over the world. Holly and I loved collecting beach glass and we were so surprised to see so much of it. Many sun bathers were curious at our excitement.

We took a round trip bus ride from Sorrento to Positano and enjoyed the day. If I could do it over again, I would stay in Positano overnight as to not worry about transportation for a day trip. But we did take it all in, enjoyed some local artists, ate amazing pizza with red wine and bought our ceramic pieces for our kitchen. We did not venture to Capri, I personally wanted to just enjoy Positano. Italy is not a country to rush through. There is a lot of up and down winding streets filled with shops and cafes, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. People will tell you not to wear sneakers or else you stick out like a tourist, well, we saw plenty of Italians in comfortable shoes and sneakers. That myth may have been a reality back in the 1940s or 1950s when everyone dressed up all the time. Dress comfortable and enjoy the scenery.

From what I have been told, Positano and the Amalfi Coast are the best places in Italy for ceramics and pottery pieces. I agree, I did not see much in ceramics in Rome and Venice. Each region is well known for something and sometimes they blend together and have the same stuff. Always be sure it is marked Made in Italy.  My advice is to have it shipped back to the states, especially if you are buying several pieces like we did.  You don’t want to lug fragile ceramics all over Italy in your rolling luggage. Between packing and unpacking and cobble streets, you are bound to break something. If you invest in a few pieces, invest to have it professionally wrapped and shipped for you. We had our ceramics shipped to us. It actually arrived the week we got home. Positano was our first stop on a three week Italian trip, so the store owner sent it back the day we left Italy.

I loved the local street artists in Italy. This Positano artist, above, was showing me how he incorporates cats in all his paintings. Taking home pieces of art from each region were of my favorite souvenirs. Supporing the locals was important to us and we always asked first before taking photos of their art booths and store fronts.

Lemon filled linens, ceramics, leather shoes, Italian horns, Limoncello and all sorts of trinkets could be found in Positano. We would shop, sit and have a coffee, shop, eat, shop again. Though one of our favorite past times while in Positano was collecting beach glass and relaxing by the sea, taking in all the Mediterranean views. When I was looking up at the huge cliffs by the sea with all the little houses decorated up its side, it just took my breath away.

Everywhere we looked, there was blue. It was absolutely gorgeous. The look and feel of the sand was so different from our white sandy Florida beaches. Yet there was so much beach glass to be found and we felt we stumbled along a beach full of treasure. Tourists were sipping lemon ices along the beach, Italian beach dogs were hanging out with their owners enjoying the day, boats were out on the glistening sea which danced like diamonds when the sun hit! Spectacular views could be seen from wherever you are in Positano. I was so grateful to just spend the day there for my birthday, soaking it all in.


Positano shifted at night, the little lights in all the seaside houses lit the cliffs with remarkable colors of pastels as the sun slowly began to set. As we were taking that long walk upwards towards the bus stop, I turned around for one more look at her. I will never forget this birthday, I will never forget this beautiful seaside gem, Positano.

A sweet Italian cat taking a siesta.


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