My Favorite Things! FavList for September

My Favorite Things! FavList for September

Each month I will list anywhere from 5 – 10 of my favorite things each month; my must haves, cannot live withouts and even my frilly ‘wants’ not ‘needs’ items. I will share them with you and always link where you may purchase them. Some items are helpful to make our lives easier, and some items are just for fun and fashion. I hope you enjoy my FavList!


FavList for September 2016


Philips AirFryer


My Philips Airfryer is the best workhorse in my kitchen! I use it for nearly every meal. It cooks anything from a burger to a steak, a small cake to french fries. It can roast up delicious vegetables and may even turn your fussiest eater into a veggie lover! It works with a circulation of hot air and requires very little cooking oil, making it a healthy way to cook meals and snacks. Recipes are endless and this simple, easy to use Airfryer will become a big hit in your kitchen! I got mine on HSN. Mine came with a small cookbook to get started and I later bought the bundle, which included other trays for various types of cooking.






Serenity Salt Cave Scrub

I currently live in Middle Tennessee and one of my favorite places to rejuvenate my soul and get healthy is the Serenity Salt Cave. They have an array of Himalayan salt products and one of my favorites is the salt scrub. They use pure essential oils and once you wash it off, the oil stays deep into your pores and continues with its healing properties for a relaxing feeling. I love peppermint! Be sure to check out Serenity Salt Cave online for both locations. I highly recommend a session there. You get to sit back and relax in a salt cave with peaceful music. Himalayan salt has healing properties and when it is inhaled, it is said to have great benefits! I will never run out of my salt scrubs, they are such a healing part of my pampering regiment.



Krusteaz Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake Mix

I never thought a pancake mix would make it on my FavList, but honestly, when you are gluten free, you are always on the search for the best tasting alternatives. These pancakes by Krusteaz were so light, fluffy and yummy that I had to run to the box to be sure they were really gluten free. No joke! You can find Krusteaz at most grocery stores. I will never be deprived of great tasting fluffy pancakes again!



JOY Fresh Air Forever Fragrant® Odor-Eliminating AirFLO™ Purifier

Joy Mangano, inventor of great things, came out with this wonderful little air purifier! Where did I get this? HSN of course. It comes in many colors and you simply rinse out the air filter. It comes with odor eliminating scent discs too. Joy Mangano also has an array of other scents as well. They are all wonderful. I use it for the peaceful sound in my bedroom, so it is easier to fall asleep. Please note, these air purifiers are for small rooms and areas. I just love it! I bought three of them. One for the office, loft and bedroom. These work wonderfully for pet areas too!


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