My Favorite Things! FavList For June

My Favorite Things! FavList For June

Each month I will list anywhere from 5 – 10 of my favorite things each month; my must haves, cannot live withouts and even my frilly ‘wants’ not ‘needs’ items. I will share them with you and always link where you may purchase them. Some items are helpful to make our lives easier, and some items are just for fun and fashion. I hope you enjoy my FavList!


FavList for June 2016



Botanical Harmony Farm’s Goat Milk Soap

I am never one for bar soaps, since they tend to leave my skin squeeky dry, however, once I tried Botanical Harmony Farm’s Goat Milk Soap, I was hooked. I always bathe my body in this stuff! They use pure essential oils and all ingredients are organic. Be sure to visit their website and have a look at all their natural products. I love supporting local businesses and honestly, I can never do without this soap. I usually buy 6 bars every few months. Some of my favorites are Lavender Vanilla Sea Salt, Anise Orange and Coffee. My skin always feels soft and the aromatherapy you experience in the shower is so therapeutic. Try a bar and see how it works for you. I am a huge fan and though she is local for me, she ships almost anywhere. Give Botanical Harmony Farm a try. You can also find them on Facebook.


Precious Argan Oil & Baobab Meltdown Cleansing Creme by Signature Club A (photo from HSN)

Now ladies, I will tell you this: I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS MAKEUP REMOVER! This is a must have in every woman’s bathroom. This ‘meltdown’ formula contains Moroccan Argan oil that leaves your skin smooth and fresh. I apply it on my face and eye makeup, wait ten seconds, then with a warm wet face towel, I gently remove the makeup and dirt on my face. Pat dry. Done. No extra rinsing. (I follow my evening regiment with Signature Club A Argan Oil Night Capsules.) What is left behind is smooth, clean, hydrated skin. Signature Club A’s Precious Argan Oil & Baobab Meltdown Cleansing Cream can be found on Simply type in Signature Club A for all of Adrienne’s products and discover her wonderful age defying creams, cleansers and makeup. I am a huge fan and currently use nothing but her line of my face.  Her Argan oil line is a must have for youthful, feel good, hydrated skin! Great for 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. I can tell you this ladies, this makeup remover is truly the best, the less we tug on our skin, the better. Each month, I will share Signature Club A products, I am a loyal customer and people notice my radiant skin. I honestly owe it all to Adrienne’s line. I will be showcasing her products nearly every month in my FavList!



Tote Bag Art by Dawna Magliacano

Being a pilot wife, I travel often and love to take a tote of my goodies on each flight. This artfully, whimsical tote by Dawna Magliacano is a true must have for me. It is big enough to hold my adult coloring books, snacks, pens and tablet! Dawna has many other totes and products available on her Society 6 page. I picked this design, “I Picked These For You” for its magical tenderness,  I thought it was precious! Flight attendants and fellow passengers always ask me where I got it, so now I simply carry Dawna’s business cards with me while traveling. Her art is so unique and magical for all ages. I plan on collecting them myself. Totes and handbags are an extension of expression of ourselves, this tote fit my style!


Simply Ming 13 inch Technolon Jumbo Wok with Lid

Okay, this is an OMG product for the kitchen! I don’t know how I cooked without it. First off, Chef Ming Tsai has amazing products on HSN. I have several of his products. Go to HSN, type in Simply Ming and his line will pop up. His 13 inch wok is the best! The technolon technology heats evenly and after cooking, simply wipe down with a wet towel. Nothing sticks! The surface is also safe and non toxic, a plus for me! Please don’t think this wok is for stir fry only, you can make scrambled eggs or pasta sauce in it. Your cooking dreams are endless with it. Chef Ming’s 13 inch Jumbo wok is a staple for every kitchen! I have it in fabulous purple and the colors his cookware comes in is amazing. I plan on purchasing a complete cookware set someday too…in purple of course! Check it out cooking fans!


Foodie’s Artichoke Burgers

It is not always easy to find fabulous tasting veggie burgers. After a while, one taste like the next. You must add flavor to some and many just don’t have that desired texture. I have finally found my favorite veggie burger of all time! It has so much flavor, I hardly use any condiments for it, though a squeeze of lemon juice is divine! Foodie’s Artichoke Burgers are not only a healthier option than a beef burger, but absolutely delicious too! You can eat it on its own, with a lettuce bun or burger bun, or once cooked, crumple it up and make a burrito out of it! Now Foodie’s Artichoke Burger does have other flavors, but my favorite is the original recipe. Who knew artichokes could taste so good! These burgers are also gluten-free!


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