My Favorite Things! FavList for August

My Favorite Things! FavList for August

Each month I will list anywhere from 5 – 10 of my favorite things each month; my must haves, cannot live withouts and even my frilly ‘wants’ not ‘needs’ items. I will share them with you and always link where you may purchase them. Some items are helpful to make our lives easier, and some items are just for fun and fashion. I hope you enjoy my FavList!

FavList for August 2016


Flasher Bat by Careful It Bites

I had to make my Flasher Bat first on the FavList this month! Made by Careful It Bites, this little whimsical vampire bat boasts cuteness and creativity with a dash of mischief! He is handmade by a wonderful artist in Washington State named Kelice. Definitely visit her website to see more of her creations ranging from Yetis to Dust Bunnies! If you are fortunate enough to be at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, you just might see Kelice and her creations there! All of her cute monsters are handmade and each one is unique, no two are the exact same. I am a vampire lover and this bat found its way into my suitcase. Looking for a unique plush toy, for big or small kids? Careful It Bites is the place to go! I am a huge supporter of local artists whenever I visit a place and this bat will not be the last creature I buy from Kelice, so check out her online store and find a lovable creature to take home with you!



Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel

Lily Koppel did a fantastic job at putting together this long awaited book, telling the inside story on America’s most resilient women in The Astronaut Wives Club. It tells the story of the many wives of Nasa that endured so much while their husbands took dangerous trips around the galaxy. They share their stories of anxiety, fears, pain, joys and love and each woman has an amazing journey to share. They talk about the media, the White House, Nasa politics and all the angst they went through while America watched their men land on the moon and orbit around the Earth. The wives also had a lot of pressure on them. Every where they went, what they wore, how they raised their kids, what they baked, was all for the public to see! Such strong women! I absolutely loved this book and read it the entire time I traveled in two trips with my pilot.


too faced long lasting 16 hr

Too Faced 16 Hour Blush

This blush is no joke by Too Faced. It is said to last up to 16 hours! Well, I put it to the test and it certainly lasted all day long. My color on my cheeks were a perfect rosy shade of Baby Love, my favorite color. It goes with all skin tones too. You can purchase Too Faced 16 Hour Blush from their website,  Sephora or HSN. I purchased mine from HSN, I just love when they do demonstrations and talk about the different colors and applications. I highly recommend the Too Faced line for all ages and skin tones. Photo from Sephora website.



Veggie Spiralizer by Pampered Chef

You may go there to purchase the Veggie Spiralizer or any of their wonderfully made products. My Pampered Chef guru, Holly Fitzgerald can be found by clicking the Pampered Chef link here. You can contact Ms. Fitzgerald on her Facebook to find out how you can become a host, a salesperson or simply buy a product. I am a huge fan of this Veggie Spiralizer. It comes with recipes and the healthy meals you can create are endless. Easy and safe to use. Simple and quick to clean. Definitely a favorite item in my kitchen and used weekly! Take everyday veggies and turn them into elegant and appealing meals for your family. If you can get them to eat veggies in a different way, this product has done it’s job. This beautiful photo is from the Pampered Chef website.


Rockcrok by Pampered Chef

I added two items from Pampered Chef this month on my FavList! This Rockcrok can be used in the microwave, the oven or on the stovetop. Comes with many recipes too. Contact Ms. Fitzgerald for this item too. I was so impressed when she baked a chocolate lava cake in 10 minutes in the microwave using the Rockcrok! It was a big hit at the party we hosted last month. Also, I might add, simple easy clean up too. Can also be washed in the dishwasher. This will definitely be a work horse in your kitchen! This photo is from the Pampered Chef website.


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