Mother Earth Takes a Holiday…Corona’s Drop

Mother Earth Takes a Holiday...Corona's Drop

When we imagine natural disasters, diseases, the flu, a hurricane or Mother Nature, we mention them as if they are ‘things’ really. Not human. There is no emotional attachment whatsoever. We are disconnected from such things as if we are never all one with living things on our planet and in our atmosphere. But suppose we looked at these natural disasters and viruses as if there was a human identity to go along with them or suppose you knew their agenda. Would it help to better understand those ‘things that just happen” to us? 

The human race does not do well when their lives are disrupted or in danger. Unfortunately, the human tends to only think of himself and how all things affects him. We truly are the only species that is out of sync with nature. Since this is true, shouldn’t we take greater steps to live more in harmony with Planet Earth and her living things? Instead of just searching for a vaccine, shouldn’t we also address the problem? Can we treat animals better? Respect what we eat? Cherish our water supply and the oceans? And so on….. 

Well, here is a story of all those “things” in a human form with human consciousness, with purpose and reason.  You may read it and feel it is strange, cruel and not in sync with how you see things. But remember, as humans we do the exact same thing when we want to be heard. We start wars, start fights, we kill people, we are selfish.  

I pause to take a moment to send healing prayers and thoughts to those who have lost their lives to Covid 19, and have been affected by Covid 19, personally or professionally. I have much respect to all front line workers who are risking their lives to help and save others during this pandemic. May you all stay safe and be mindful. Be kind. Be patient. Be strong. This story is simply an artistic expression of what I feel in my soul right now. Everyone expresses their own feelings through art in their own way during these uncertain times. We are all “in the meantime”, just trying to make sense of it all. May this story give you a different perspective. Peace.

Mother Earth Takes A Holiday” is a story of ‘things’ having purpose. Mother Earth simply wants to be heard. Humans certainly know what to do when they want to be heard…. go ahead, open your mind, maybe you will remove some of your fears by simply understanding how other living things work.  This is Mother Earth’s story…she is referred to as “Earth Mother” in this story.  


An iridescent huge bubble, invisible to man, slowly floats in the sky watching the planet as it has for ions. Inside is Earth Mother and all her valuable people from viruses to natural disasters. She has watched the planet since its creation and is in charge of protecting it. Now, this is challenging since Earth is also in a ‘free will zone’. Humans have free will with their lives, though there are consequences for their actions. As a whole consciousness, the human race is responsible for what it contributes to the world. They may balance out that karma in this life or another one. Either way, they are always being watched and sometimes, when necessary, Earth Mother and her people step in. 

Earth Mother is a force not to be reckoned with. She is imagined on earth as a gentle sweet lady type of an energy, but really, she is a strong and vibrant energy that commands respect. You can only take from her for so long. Her skin is like the dark bark of trees with green eyes that mimic emeralds. Her long blue-black hair is filled with vines and flowers wrapped in it. She is a compilation of all earth’s treasures, a Goddess and protector that encompasses all the beauty of nature. She is stunning yet strong. Kind yet powerful. But on this day, she is raging. She is mad. 

She is furious, Earth Mother had been crying for days, weeks, months, years. “I can’t take it anymore! I am choking! My waters are dirty and contaminated! My air is polluted! My animals and sea life and trees are dying! I need a holiday! I need a reset! They are not listening to me!” 

“Are you sure, Earth Moth-” Goddess of Natural Disasters, Hurricane Ina was interrupted.  She was beautiful. Long wavy blondish white hair. I guess you could say she looked like a hurricane, whatever that means I do not know. She was very slender and waif looking with the darkest grey eyes. Grey as a storm cloud above crashing waves during a late afternoon shower.

“Don’t question me! Bring her to me! She is with Bubon!” Hurricane Ina quickly left and returned with an old friend, the Bubonic Plague, with a new virus hiding meek behind him. Earth Mother simply called him Bubon. Bubon was one of Earth Mother’s most powerful friends and confidant.  His reign of the Black Death defined the 14th century on earth and changed the way humans dealt with their waste and disease and gained much medical knowledge because of him. 

Bubon is a tall lanky gentleman with long black hair,  almost has the look of a vampire. Skin of porcelain, eyes shaped like almonds, full of darkness. He may look cruel and powerful, but he is actually empathetic and a good listener to Earth Mother. He can be quite sensitive as well as confident. 

“Earth Mother, she is different from I,” Bubon humbly said. 

“I know she is!”  None of them thought this day would come. The others came into the room. There was Ebola, she was a beautiful brown and curvy being; Influenza, known as the Spanish Flu, he was, yep you guessed it, a Spanish looking man with slick black hair and chestnut eyes. He was accompanied by the many strains of Flu, a group of young adolescent blonde boys who are older beyond their years. It was as if a teacher and all his students showed up; and finally there is Tsunami, a stunning Japanese looking woman in a gold dress, who wears her hair in a bun with a long red comb in it…all standing with Hurricane Ina. There are many others, but these are just a few here to bid farewell to Miss Corona. They were quite fascinated with her since they have never seen anything like her since the Spanish Flu and Bubonic Plague.

Nobody is ever prepared for the drop. Each one has experienced it but it is never easy. Some drop often, every year or every several years. For Corona, this Corona, it will be her first time. She is younger than her predecessors and much more powerful. 


The huge floating bubble has 360 degree views of trees and blue sky as far as the eye could see. Depending on where the bubble was floating over, another earthly vision of beauty took up an entire view like that of a movie screen, but in 360 degrees. There were ice capped mountains, open seas, waterfalls, islands, cities, forests, jungles…all of the big blue marble was spectacular from that bubble. All made of glass. Like an invisible bubble floating in the atmosphere. As all of Earth Mother’s causes stared out at the endless oceans below, floating by, it was almost time for Corona’s drop.  

“Well, you have waited a long time, Corona, your time has come,” Earth Mother never once looked up at her. She stared at the floating globe of earth as it spun at her fingertips. “You can start here,” she pointed to Asia. 

Corona was stunned, she just stood there, staring at the floating atlas until her tears blurred her sight. “Are they all bad?” she questioned innocently to Earth Mother. 

“Did you just say ‘all bad’? Do you think this is simply about good and bad? This is about human lessons and cause and effect of actions. They will learn and grow from it as well as helping our planet. Their selfishness just doesn’t see that yet. My natural disasters bring out the best in them. Unfortunately, they need this. If they ever decide to take care of this planet, our job here will be to simply float around endlessly with nothing to do.” Corona wiped a tear and tried to smile. 

Earth Mother took her hand, “have confidence in yourself Corona. Do you know what makes you stick out from the others? You are relentless, powerful, unpredictable…a force to be reckoned with. Just when they think they have you figured out, they don’t. You can travel fast. It will be the downfall of their egos that will cause you to travel far and fast!  You will treat everyone the same.  Once you get down there it will get easier, I promise. Unfortunately, humans are very predictable. But remember, you will bring out the best in humankind too, shift consciousness, address ego, show them a new way of being on the earth. Everything has its balance even if they don’t grasp it right away. ” Earth Mother’s immediate warm smile comforted Corona. This was no easy task.

“How will I get from Asia to all over the world?”  

Earth Mother grinned at her naivety, “once you land, you will move very fast, isn’t that right Bubon?”  

“Yes,” he placed his hands on Corona’s shoulders. “I will be watching you. Believe me, once they respect you, they will figure it out. It will be okay.” Corona forced a smile and made her way to the edge of the bubble as the clear door opened. A cool breeze suddenly blew Corona’s long dark grey and black hair across her pale face. Her maroon crown blew in the wind like an anemone in the sea. Her deep maroon eyes widened as she glanced down at her feet. It was her time to drop. The wind blew confidence into her soul. 

She took Bubon’s hand. “Thank you for everything,” she kissed his cheek. 

“It will work out, it will just be…hard, in the beginning,” he told her. 

Corona looked down,  as the bubble was slowly approaching the continent of Asia. She looked over at the others and then Earth Mother and nodded. 

“Be well my child,” Earth Mother reassured her one last time. 

Corona stood there, waiting for the approach, she took a deep breath…and jumped.


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