Finding Peace During Quarantine

Finding Peace During Quarantine



Here we are, in the middle of the Corona virus Pandemic and it doesn’t look like she is going away anytime soon. Social distancing is not easy for social beings such as humans. Maybe all this isolation will make us see how cruel it is to keep animals in cages and small tanks with no contact of their own kind. Sad isn’t it? I do hold onto HOPE that humans will learn something from all this. Our world, our planet needs us to do better. Instead of you against me, it is US. Instead of our country against yours, we need to think GLOBALLY. I tend to see the world as my world, and the human race as my race. Black people are my people, Asian people are my people, and so on.

In my heart and soul, we are all connected and this quarantine business is making us all wish for connection. Being mindful of others around us is key to healing this world. If an elephant is all alone in an old zoo, you now can have empathy and maybe come out better at the end of this. Maybe change the world, change the way you viewed the world. Let’s hope so. All horrible situations have great lessons at the end of them. Maybe kindness towards others, both human and animal will definitely be a good thing. Volunteer work may be in your future once you understand social isolation.


So what can we do during all this isolation and social distancing? Well, first off, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is key to surviving this pandemic. Our immune systems need to be strong and filling our bellies with sugar, lots of carbs and junk food is not the best way to handle things. I am not a doctor nor am I a nutritionist, but I am under the guidance of one and I can honestly say eating healthy has helped not only my body but my mind and mental state emotionally too. Keep a food and water journal. It will help you keep track of your eating habits and water intake.

With my Hashimoto’s I have no choice but to eat healthy to avoid painful inflammation. I do an Auto Immune Protocol which is basically Paleo. Not to be mistaken for Keto. I eat a small portion of a healthy protein and incorporate a small serving of berries and nuts and lots of vegetables. Now is a good time, since we are home a lot to try out new recipes and eat in! The more colorful your plate is, the healthier it will be for you! Another important tip: get plenty of rest. They say our adrenal glands rest best between 10pm-2am. I try to get to bed no later than 10:30pm. Meditation is also a necessity in my life. If it is not your thing, do deep breathing with peaceful music or prayer work. Maybe listen to classical music and clear your mind for a half hour, or even 20 minutes.

  • Mindful eating
  • Drink more water
  • Get in your sleep
  • Meditate


Okay, those are the basic necessities of this lock down. Even with small children, you can incorporation these basics into your life. Get creative with it.

Let’s talk how to have fun while in this quarantine. Many people have never been alone for very long. They spend their time on the go. I see many of my friends on Facebook that are either stressed about staying home, they are bored and only play mindless games on their phone, or they truly are clueless on what to do with themselves. Well, then the unexpected visit of Miss Corona may be a wake up call for you. I have a dear friend of mine that loves nature and being outdoors. Her name is Sue. She can find endless things to do with her isolation time with her dog Dukie.  She enjoys walks in nature, does photography, crafting, and gardening. For others, this isolation is troubling. So turn it into  SELF DISCOVERY!

Maybe you need to go out in nature and try some photography. Use your cell phone, add fun filters. How bout drawing or starting that writing project you always complained you never had time for. Humans rush from one thing to another. The next vacation (that’s me), the next party, the next event, the next shopping trip, the next meal out, the next post on Facebook….but what do you truly enjoy doing? Now is the time to jot down all the things that excite you.

Go order art supplies, a journal, a book you always wanted to have time to read, or even a coloring book from Amazon! If local shops in your area are open, safely venture out and purchase something you always wanted to work on.

These challenging times define us. Whenever we come out of the darkness, there is a light that guides us to lessons we needed to learn. Sometimes it’s learning about ourselves. You are more than just your job, just a post on Facebook…so get into your silence and listen to what your soul is hungry for.

My wife Holly and I took all the cardboard from packages that came to the house recently and made fun creative masks to hang on our walls. We painted and had a blast. We are no Picasso or Rembrandt, but we had fun together on our lanai with all the paints. We were like two kids. We would have never done that if it wasn’t for this quarantine.

I decided to get creative and work on a new children’s book. I started a Madison’s Monsters & Friends Facebook page to start my book ideas and get people interested. My wife and I painted monster rocks with my Facebook name on the back to spread the news. I was determined to have something wonderful come out of all this virus stuff and you should too.

I got more creative with my cooking. Instead of focusing on all the yummy things I cannot eat, I began focusing on the yummy foods I can eat. Creating colorful meals added to my inner creative side and made me realize, my life must keep moving forward in this self containing world right now.

Doing photography is a great way to find joy in the world. Focusing and appreciating a small butterfly on a milkweed became a precious big deal to me. I cannot emphasize how important it is to get out in nature, it is so healing. Create a small garden. Garden centers are all open and if you can carefully get out safely and buy some potting soil and plants, I guarantee you will feel better. If you live in a city, decorate you balcony with potted plants or indoor plants. Surround yourself with nature! There is so much to do during this down time. You will never get it back again, so do what you can with it now!

I always tell people to start journaling. It is what’s left behind and it will be our history. If you have children, your journals will provide so much peace for your kids when you are someday long gone. I wish my parents did journaling. I would have loved to have known my father’s thoughts on his fashion career or my mother’s dreams of travel and artwork. We are in historical times right now, write it down.

  • Make a list of what you are passionate about or always needed time to do
  • Order needed supplies online to do a fun project
  • Get out in nature, make a garden
  • Start journaling
  • Paint rocks, read a book

For those going through challenging times of anxiety, here is what worked for me. I know some people are have a tough time and all circumstances vary. Losing work, handling kids at home and other struggles make it tough and I wanted to share what has helped me during emotional times.

  • Clary sage and lavendar oil. Great for stress and anxiety. Get it here
  • Lepidolite stone, great for panic attacks (Etsy, Ebay, just google it)
  • Calming teas such as chamomile and lemon balm
  • Deepak Chopra meditation
  • Rescue remedy


My last piece of advice is be sure to MOVE. Get out and breathe. Be grateful you can breathe. Many right now are struggling to do this. In my gratitude journal I am always thankful for breathing and being alive. It is so important to keep the body moving. Move that lymph, get your heart rate up a bit and don’t sit or lay around too much. Walking and exercise helps with endorphins and helps with depression too. Stay focused on the positive.

Limit your time on Facebook and all social media, including the news! Unfortunately humans focus on more negative than positive. They can’t help it. I saw a post once that read “today 450 people died in New York alone. Let that sink in”. Well, I don’t want that to sink in. I am aware of the suffering but seeing it constantly just isn’t healthy. I saw another post about a poor dolphin. It was quite graphic. The image was stuck in my head for days. I nearly had a panic attack it upset me so much. I think people think that spreading awareness matters. But your actions for a cause will speak louder than just aimlessly throwing horrible images on Facebook. Now more than ever, limit social media. Being thrown negative posts will not help your state of mind and well being. If you see someone on your friends list that posts a lot of bad stuff, unfollow them for a while. We get what we focus on, so focus on what you want!

  • Exercise and move your body
  • Cut down your time on the news and social media
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Find 5 things you are grateful for everyday
  • Focus on positives in your life

I can promise you this, we will get through this Corona virus pandemic. We will. She will be here until it is time for her to go. So for now, control what you can. Control how you handle it. Control the limits of the negativity and fear of it. Practice kindness and mindfulness. Be safe and listen to the science and the professionals! Get into a spiritual space of meditating, yoga or prayer to center yourself. You need to eat well and get sleep. Most importantly find the fun. We need it right now.

Dragomir from Madison’s Monsters & Friends

My Madison’s Monsters & Friends page is doing far better than my Thrify Pilot Wife Facebook page and I know why: PEOPLE NEED MAGIC AND JOY AND HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW. My little monster Dragomir makes people smile, he is needed right now. The timing of my creative writing of my monsters is now. So find your now. Your passion. Your fun. I believe in you. We all have something wonderful to pull out of this quarantine.



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