Find Your Inspiration…It’s Right in Front of You

Find Your Inspiration...It's Right in Front of You

Our souls work at their best when ‘passion’ is present. Whether you have passion for writing or art, your job or volunteer work, sewing or reading…there is something creating a drive within you. Inspiration are seeds that are planted within our soul and it’s our drive and passion that makes those seeds grow into something worth while for us.

But what do we do if we have nothing that inspires us? What do we do if we have nothing within us to feel passionate about? I have been there. We all go through spiritual dry spells…our spirit yearns for something, but the human side of us just doesn’t know how to get there. Well, look all around you. Creator has made a world full of people, places and things to get inspired about!

BTS, Golden Disk Awards

Sometimes it’s other people’s passions that create inspiration for us. Need help with that? Look at successfully fulfilled people, be it famous or not, in your own personal life. Think of actors or musicians you may like. You love their work because their personal inspirations brought you to them. If they lacked passion and inspiration, you would have never discovered them, owned one of their albums, read one of their books or saw them in a movie.

For me, my recent passion is the famous boy kpop group from Seoul Korea, BTS. (Click BTS link to learn about their success.) There are hundreds of social media outlets to find information on these incredible seven young men, whose choreography, music and messages of love cannot be denied. There has never been such a phenomenon since Michael Jackson, in my personal opinion. BTS has a fandom, ARMY and they too have found inspiration and hope through their music, their message. (Calling them a ‘kpop group’ does not do them justice. They are so much more than that.)

BTS member, Park Jimin, Love Yourself Tour

I will someday do a blog on BTS alone, they are far too enormous for a snippet in a blog, however, this blog is really about finding your passion…so let me digress. I had a hard year with health in 2018 and went through a lot of emotional, physical and spiritual healing just to simply walk and have strength again. I discovered BTS on YouTube  and later saw them perform at the 2019 Billboard Awards. I was hooked! They were mesmerizing to watch! I didn’t understand the Korean lyrics, but it didn’t matter. I understood their passion in their performance and their beautiful energy…it was enough for me.

I dove into everything BTS! I became part of ARMY which today I am so proud to be a part of. Globally, we support our boys: Namjoon, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, V, Jimin and Jungkook. As I began to learn more about these incredible beings, who are so much more than just seven cute guys dancing around..I realized they are like “Starseeds” from another universe here to shift the energy of this planet with love through music. They shifted me!

BTS, Boy With Love performance

BTS changed something inside myself. I was working on becoming much more mobile and taking physical therapy classes to develop my core. Seeing the boys dance, move and be so strong made me hunger for the physical body I once had. I am in my early 50s, I am realistic, yet determined. I need to make my body move freely again and be held together by the strength of my muscles. Can I do that? Sure! When we start to feel good about ourselves, everything around us starts to shift! Confidence replaces hopelessness and soon big mountains are easier to climb.

All we have to do is imagine it. See it. There is an old saying that we cannot become what we cannot see. This is so true and this is where sparks of inspiration come from…it’s the powerful woman you saw in a movie that became a super hero! You suddenly want to be like her, have her confidence and be sure of yourself like she was. You start gardening in the backyard and the buzzing of a busy bee inspires you to paint it!

We never have to settle in our lives.  As we get older, that ambitious child dies inside and we forget how to play and create our world around us the way we saw it.  Anything was possible. If you wanted to go to the moon, your mind and your tin foil covered cardboard box took you there. Never lose sight of the magic you came down here with!  Remember, you can change, shift and redefine yourself anytime you want to. The passion for it lives inside of you, that seed was planted inside you the day you came into this world. You just have to tap into it. Remember, inspiration is all around you. It just might be right in front of you.



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