Fairy Gardens & Terrariums, A Touch Of Whimsy

Fairy Gardens & Terrariums, A Touch Of Whimsy

Spring is in the air and we are all ready to get out in our gardens and get our hands in the dirt! Fairy gardens are a great way to welcome this season of renewal and new beginnings. Creating fairy gardens and terrariums are a great way to get children connected to nature too. My father always had a nature day with me on Saturdays. We built birdhouses, made our own bird feeders and planted flowers together. He taught me the importance of nature, animals and our environment. Making a lovely garden, be it for a human or a fairy is a great way to share in the beauty and appreciation of nature. In this crazy world we are always ‘plugged in’, gazing at a fairy garden makes us stand still and just ‘be in the moment’.



Here is our fairy garden that we completed. Fairy gardens can be made so many different ways. Of course you can get ideas from Pinterest or by simply searching the internet. First get your base; are you using a bird bath? A glass jar? A fish tank? A terrarium container? A pot with an existing plant in it? Second, decide on your layout and theme. Will you use fairies? Gnomes? Animals? Or just furniture like we did, to show fairies live there. We kept it a mystery, but a small rabbit is hidden in the clover.

Below are some ideas for your base to get you started. If you use a bird bath like we did, it is best to have proper drainage if using live plants. We drilled holes at the base, added small rocks and then put the moss on top. I had to replace the clover with a sturdy fern, it held up better. You may have to experiment to get it the way you want. My advice is to ask someone at the garden store who can help you on what types of plants you need for the base you decide to use. Also, it is important to know where it will be displayed. I knew ours would be in direct to partial sunlight, so I chose my plants accordingly.


Here are some ideas for your base or container to get you started into the fairy world! Once you select a container, then you chose the plants and ground material. It can be soil, moss, marbles, sea shells, beach glass, sand, pebbles or whatever your creative mind comes up with.


Once your garden is ‘fairy ready’, it’s time to select your fairies, gnomes, animals, displays, furniture, tiny doll house pieces, whatever you like. My local garden store had plenty to chose from, but shopping for fairy garden accessories are endless. You can search Ebay Etsy, garden shops, miniature doll house shops, simply search online, the possibilities are endless. Every year, you can change it up a bit, add more or make more fairy gardens with other containers. Below are some ideas that my garden shop had. Sometimes, drawing out an idea of the layout can make it less overwhelming. There are so many options, just have fun with it.



This is a wonderful project for a single person, a couple or a family with children. It will bring you closer together, create fun and give you joy to look at all season long. To me, the connection to nature is the most important thing. Making birdhouses and feeders with my dad played a major role in my life that connected me to nature and my environment. Today, as an adult, I still desire that connection and love to share with you, the joy of making fairy gardens. May the fairies teach you to be light in life and remember how we are all connected.




  1. Lea Anne Bedsole : April 3, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    So cute! Love this idea.

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