A Memorable Trip to Maui

A Memorable Trip to Maui


So far, I have been to a total of four islands of Hawaii and honestly, I find Maui to be quite magical! She is a very inviting island with a lot to explore. Out of all the islands, she has the most snorkeling spots too! Almost every beach you visit, there are people snorkling and finding all sorts of fish and even sea turtles! In this blog I will tell you about our trip to Maui and the fun journey we had, meeting greet people and exploring out of this world lands! I will not be covering the road to Hana, that would need to be a blog all on its own! Someday. But this time, this trip, was about relaxing and taking in some great sites on a budget too!

It is no secret, dining in Hawaii on any island can become quite expensive. My advice from this thrifty pilot wife? Get a room with a kitchen or at least a microwave and refrigerator. We stayed at a full kitchen suite at the Kaanapali Beach Club and saved a bundle on eating in. With my food restrictions, it was a great way to go. Of course we dined out a couple of times, you must while on vacation, but experiencing what the locals eat in Hawaii and enjoying it beachside at your resort is an experience all its own. Times Supermarket was our food shopping place of choice and conveniently located across the street from our Kaanapali Beach Club.


You can pick up delicious fruit, such as pineapples, papayas and the yummy candy apple bananas! There is a wide selection of already prepared meals that are still a lot less expensive than eating out and great for day trips! Roasted half chicken with rice, sushi, kalua pork, poke, spam with rice and much more! Be sure to check your concierge or front desk for when the local farmer’s markets are open. I loved getting fresh coconut, sipping out the coconut water and having the people carve out the coconut meat for me. I enjoyed it as a snack on the beach. Eating healthy on any Hawaiian island is easy.


Kaanapali Beach

Beaches: There are many on Maui,  we visited Kaanapali Beach, where the waters were calm and not crowded at all. There are restrooms to change clothes and freshen up too. We enjoyed just being in the ocean, didn’t snorkle where we were, but enjoyed a picnic lunch under a shaded tree. It was a perfect day of relaxing and just taking it all in. We met a few locals with their dogs and just enjoyed ourselves.




Snorkling at Kapalua


Our favorite snorkle spot was Kapalua Bay. Please be respectful of the coral reefs, do not stand on them and never approach wildlife. We were blessed to see a sea turtle for Holly’s birthday and enjoyed his company as he fed on coral. We kept a safe distance and took in the beauty of all the fish too. There were so many! What I love about Kapalua is that you can stay under shade near the hillside area and there are bathrooms there as well.



Kapalua has great snorkeling

Shopping: We found great shopping in Lahaina. This beautiful little community by the sea has a huge selection of art galleries, souvenier shops and great restaraunts. I highly recommend going there after a fun day exploring and be sure to watch the sunset and take in the shopping and dining! You can find street vendors there too, selling their art and Hawaiian carvings. To me, buying quick gifts at Longs Drugs (part of CVS) is a great idea, but if you are looking for a special, unique gift from Maui, definitely come to downtown Lahaina.  One very special trip you cannot miss is the Banyan Tree in Lahaina near the fishing docks. It is absolutley spectacular, with her limbs spread out over a block long!

Banyan Tree, Courthouse Square in downtown Lahaina She was planted in 1873.

Sightseeing: Haleakala Crater is an absolute must see!! You will experience a lovely drive, and it is not too curvy, with great signage. Be sure to go all the way to the top. You may get high altitude sickness, I had a bad headache, but the view was worth it. It quickly went away as we headed back down. Elevation is approximately 10,000 feet, drink water! Now when you approach the visitor’s center, there is a gift shop and restrooms in the back, be sure to stop because that is where the spectacular view is, just outside the giftshop! Many miss it, they just drive up to the top where the summit is. The view outside the giftshop looks like it is straight out of a science fiction movie. You feel like you are looking at another planet and a space rover is going to appear! Be sure to dress in layers. You may start off in 80 degree weather heading up, and then it is 40 degrees at the top. Check the weather conditions. Many recommend going there for the sunrises and sunsets, we chose to go in the midday.

Haleakala Crater

The “Road to Hana” was not on our list of things to explore for this trip, but should you do this journey, it will be an all day and night adventure. Bring a packed cooler of snacks and water and be sure to check with either your hotel concierge or the locals on tips for this winding road adventure. Check out the Maui Guide Book for details since this is a very long journey that involves approximately 600 hook turns, so if you tend to get car sick, I don’t recommend this trip. There are also travel companies that can do all the driving for you, they make stops to the best hot spots too but keep in mind, they are pricey, from $150.00 per person and up.

We made a stop to Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm. This was a great little find after an exciting visit to Haleakala National Park. We took in great sites, great smells of lavender and fun times with goats at Surfing Goat Dairy. Since they are in the same area, we made a fun day of visiting all three places. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm has fields of different types of lavender and other beautiful flowers and gardens to stroll through. There is a Walking Tour for $12.00 and if you need a cart, they are available for those who cannot walk too far. Learn the benefits of lavender and definitely visit the gift shop for wonderful organic products made in Maui. It was so peaceful up there and magnificent views too.

The Surfing Goat Dairy was a favorite of mine. I loved meeting the goats on the tour and seeing how cheese was made. We sampled the freshest of cheese and even helped milk a goat! Each goat has their own personality and are so sweet to see. We learned how German immigrants came over with their vision and the beautiful land it sits on.  All the goats are looked after and some even get adopted out locally.

I really bonded with some of the goats. They were so loving and friendly. The staff taught us so much about the dairy and no, goats don’t surf there, they just love jumping and playing on the surfboards on the grounds.

Maui is definitely one of my favorite Hawaiian islands. She is accessible to great beaches and snorkling, with a lot of fun exploring you can do on your own. We wanted to visit the sacred area of Iao Valley State Park but due to bad storms, it was not safe for the public. It is closed until further notice. So be sure to check when it will be open again. Maui has a lot of fun places to explore and snorkle. She is truly a gem! My favorite spots were found on the west side of her. All you need is a map, a packed picnic and off you go! Maui is waiting for you to explore her beauty! Make everyday a new adventure! Aloha!



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