Seek Goodness In The World And You Shall Find It!

Seek Goodness In The World And You Shall Find It!

With all the bad news and suffering going on in the world today, it is quite challenging to stay on our peaceful, spiritual pivot. No matter what your belief system is, we can all agree that love can heal and joy is contagious. When we get caught up in today’s politics, issues on war, global climate changes, neighbor fighting with neighbor, pain, illness, suffering of people, animals and the planet…it is so hard to see the light in our world. This blog is to help us step out of that ‘bad news box’ and embrace the light that is out there. We know the light is there, because we are already aware of all the darkness.

Solidarity gathering at Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in TN July 12, 2017

I am currently living in a small town in the south. Sometimes there can be a lot of ‘intolerance’ and ‘fear’ in a small place. I am from New York, so of course, this was new for me. Some fearful people vandalised the mosque here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I was angry. I could not understand why people could be so cruel. This was a place of worship. When I showed up for the solidarity gathering, I experienced love and understanding, forgiveness and tolerance. One gentleman said that he feels bad for those vandals, for they are fearful of what they don’t know. Wow, what a lesson for me. When hate appears at your door, stay in love.


I have learned to unplug from the world and just be, so I can center myself. When I get worried about climate change, I buy flowers to feed my honey bees and butterflies. I work in my garden and create peace around me. When I hear of animal abuse or the possible extinction of animals, I spend a morning at Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary volunteering or donate to help the elephants at BLES in Thailand.  Being around those majestic  horses is such a great feeling. They help me forget about the worries of the world.

Mikey, a Belgian senior Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary

So where are the ‘good people’? Everywhere. They occupy every state, every country, every continent. They are involved in the air, the sea, the jungles, the forrests, the mountains, the cities, the ice caps. While you sleep at night, someone is studying whale behavior or protecting the shark population on the other side of the globe. A single handed person is helping a hundred starving dogs in the Ekraine. A woman in California is helping inner city kids. A stranger is getting breakfast for a homeless person in New York City everyday. All you have to do to see goodness and humanity, is to open your eyes wider and you will find it. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want! I have heard that quote throughout my adult life. It is true. If we believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket, then that is all we will experience it to be.


Whether your passion is for people or animals, get out there and get involved. More than ever, this world, our humanity need it. We get a rush of love, a sense of belonging and a sense of connectedness when we help others. You may have a job that already does this. If that is the case, then work on a thriving garden to help animals and the environment, such as honey bees and wildlife. Angry about chemicals in your food?  Grow your own organic garden! We can always do the opposite of what upsets us. Humanity may have it’s problems and we are responsible for this planet, so get involved and help us out!

Waikiki Beach clean up


We have all scrolled down Facebook to find this quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world! Sure it is redundant but it is so simple and true. Don’t complain about polution, join a beach or forrest clean up or start recycling! Yes I see pain and suffering in our world, but I also see goodness in people in the worst of times. For every tradegy there is room to grow and learn to love. Some tragedy can trigger our sense of purpose in the world. I knew a girl that saw so much suffering as a child with cancer, that she grew up to be a doctor.  Animal lovers grow up to run animal rescues.


When global tragedy hits, the country and the world come together. There is always some light that sheds on the darkness of what we are going through. We begin to see humanity in people, communities coming together in solidarity and to help….give blood, be more accepting of others, donate money, time, food, resources. But aside from big events and tragedy, we can find goodness in the day to day life.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden place flowers at a memorial in Orlando for the Pulse victims


My greatest example of goodness in the world is when those who have nothing, give the most. This photo I took in San Francisco warmed my heart more than any other photo from my trip. This homeless man cared for his pigeons and made sure they had food when he too needed to eat. I realized that though the world may seem in turmoil there is also peaceful kind moments too. People helping their fellow man, or the environment or animals.

Homeless man in San Francisco caring for his pigeons. They eat first before he does.



Seek love and you will find it, seek goodness and you will find it. Make a difference when you are feeling hopeless with the world and see that light you bring get bigger! Be the change you want to see in the world!…because we need you.


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