Go Out In Nature To Find Inner Peace

Go Out In Nature To Find Inner Peace

SUE15Several years ago, I was going through a very painful time in my life. I couldn’t sleep, had bursts of anxiety and crying so hard I was nearly choking, yes, that kind of painful cry. I was in the middle of an awful separation and having to uproot my entire life. I was in my late forties and thought I just couldn’t survive. I wasn’t sure how to start over. I wanted the pain to stop, I just wanted to close my eyes and never wake up. I reached out to my dear friend Sue and she calmly said to me, “Get out in nature, let her heal you.”  I took her advice and went for long walks through Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta and let the sun warm my face and the trees absorb my pain. I noticed the daisies looking up at me, even though their little faces were worshiping the sun. The roots of trees were so deep and grounded and I wanted that for myself. The paired geese by the lake seemed happy and safe with each other and I wondered if I would ever feel that way again. Everything in nature reflected to me all that I desired in my life.

Nature indeed did heal me and gave me something to focus on in a positive way. I suggest it now when my friends are in any type of despair. I am still grateful to Mother Nature for healing me and I always do my best to honor her. I pick up garbage when I visit beaches, I provide a sanctuary for animals in our backyard and do my best to recycle…etc.


Cindy Daigre, owner of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary with Siegfried

Animals help us to connect when we are feeling a disconnect; when we don’t feel loved, they give us unconditional love; when we feel judged or hurt, they provide us with acceptance of who we are and  help us to feel more at peace with ourselves. We all know someone in our lives who prefer animals over humans. I, at times, can be that way. Spending time with an animal, be it domesticated or wild can give us a centeredness we need in our crazy, busy lives. Many do animal rescue like Cindy Daigre of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary as her life’s mission to help senior draft horses have a peaceful life away from neglect and abuse. She has a Facebook page too.


Sue Doyle of Soul Inspired Photography with some llama friends

Connecting to nature and animals can heal one’s spirit and give them a sense of renewal. When I was healing myself by heeding my friend’s advice, I was finding ‘signs’ in nature, letting me know, all would be okay. I now seek out hearts in nature as my friend taught me. Look closely, they are all around us!


The Native Americans  believe, that when an animal appears to us, there is a meaning behind it. I do believe the answers to many things rest in nature. If humans could take the time to be still, listen to the silence and feel the spirit of Nature’s grace all around, we can heal ourselves and be whole again.


I am glad I didn’t really close my eyes and never wake up again. I would have missed all I have today; my friends, my beautiful life, my wonderful marriage and all the beauty I have seen and still need to explore in nature. So next time you feel distressed, disconnected, confused, need to clear your head…or you are in a wonderful state of mind and wish to continue to feel that bliss, get out in Mother Nature and feel her presence. In this world of human craziness, she is always there to heal us; this is why we must take care of animals, the ocean and our entire environment.  Make your next vacation to a National State Park with your family! I promise you will feel rejuvenated, whether you choose the forests or the ocean!

SUE7 Photography by Sue Doyle of Soul Inspired Photography.




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